Hydroponics Division

AS&SL Ltd is positioning to be one of the top gardening and hydroponic manufacturers and suppliers in Africa. We offer all equipment’s and accessories needed to build complete indoor gardening and hydroponic systems on roof-tops, balconies and limited spaces.

AS&SL Ltd is built on innovation and we are constantly developing industry leading products using the latest technology, materials and manufacturing methods. We work directly with customers who have specific product requirements and specifications. With our in-house research + development, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and customer service – AS&SL Ltd is your one-stop-shop for all of your indoor gardening and hydroponic needs.

Our logistics, sales and customer service experts ensure competitive pricing, delivery, installation and performance and everything we sell is backed with our hassle free warranty.

Bespoke A-Frame Hydroponic systems





Fodder hydroponic Systems






Pumice growing media

Cocopeat growing Media







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