Company Policies

Our Health and Safety Policy

We are compliant with all Occupational Health & Safety requirements as it forms an integral part of our business performance. It is incorporated into all activities, from initial planning to the final completion of operations in accordance with current Health and Safety at Work Legislation and relevant Codes of Practice.

Our directors recognise that its employees are the most important asset to the company. It therefore provides arrangements which enable employees to raise issues relative to their and other’s safety whilst at work.

The management team and our supervisors have a responsibility for implementing, monitoring and maintaining this Policy throughout our work area’s and they must ensure that health and safety considerations are always given priority in the planning of day to day supervison of work.

Our Environmental Policy 

We recognise that the Company’s every day working activities in the supplying and installation of soft and hard landscapes for public and private use sometimes have an impact on the environment. We are committed to respecting the environment in which we operate whilst maintaining commercial viability and enhancement of our reputation. We are also committed to reducing this impact by investigating ways for continuing improvements by regularly reviewing, recording and monitoring our environmental performance to ensure the objectives are being achieved.

Our Quality Policy

It is our mission to provide a service that fully meets Customer Statutory and Regulatory requirements. Our quality policy is to provide complete customer satisfaction through innovation, continuous improvement and service excellence.

We are committed to maintaining a quality organisation with trained and competent personnel and to promoting improvement of all our systems and services. Our Quality Policy Statement ensures all personnel are made aware of the procedures and standards that form the Company Management System and recognise that the achievement of good work depends upon the commitment and contribution of all our employees. We therefore encourage our workforce to contribute towards the Company Management System for its continued development.

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